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Timeless Stones

We have always believed that every Natural Stone application, finds its most meaningful expression in striking a perpetual balance between past, present and future, fully aware that this ancient material has, over time, always been modern. As passionate admirers and expert connoisseurs of French stones, we have taken into consideration their enormous potential in terms of production volume, limestone varieties and high quality, as being the primary values ​​of their historic worldwide success, and we chose to be the point of reference on the global market scene in this particular segment of the stone industry.

Mediterranean Stone

The founder of the company, Georges Michon, active in the Natural Stone industry since the ’80s, decided to set up base in the Mediterranean Basin, a strategic area from which to expand trade throughout major European, African, Arab and Asian markets, as well as America.

Fascinated by beauty and by Italian culture, in 2000 he set up Mediterranean Stone, based in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, a region which has been at the heart of the world stone market since ancient times and is a land rich with history and tradition, that has always attracted great artists. From here came the Apuan marbles which were spread by the Romans throughout the world with their immortal works, and were personally selected by Michelangelo Buonarroti for his beautiful sculptures.
In a very short time, the Company established important partnerships with a number of French quarries, which established its position in the high-end slab production market, in terms of quality, quantity and size. It has a worldwide exclusive collaboration with two of them, Euromarbles and Yelmini, for the distribution of Hauteville and Blue Savoy ®. By implementing targeted strategies, aimed at achieving the highest standards of quality and excellence, over the years Mediterranean Stone has achieved a position of prominence and leadership in the industry. In its incessant search for new materials, it has also opened two deposits from which it extracts Provence Doree limestone, a very tough stone with a strong personality, particularly frost resistant, and Moonlight, a beautiful crystalline white stone, suitable for use in prestigious, tasteful interior design projects.

Suppliers of Original Stone

All materials marketed and distributed by Mediterranean Stone are processed entirely in Italy by specialized partners. Besides ensuring the high quality of the stone, every single slab undergoes rigorous quality control inspections before being shipped, to ensure that the original physical characteristics remain unchanged even after processing. Working with inexhaustible passion and keen sensitivity toward style and elegance, the company has established lasting collaborations with architects and world renowned designers, providing their exclusive materials for the realization of prestigious architectural projects in the public, commercial and residential sectors, and for conservative restoration work carried out on important historical buildings and monuments.
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