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Architecture is a thing of art, a phenomenon of the emotions, lying outside questions of construction and beyond them. The purpose of construction is to make things hold together; of architecture to move us.

Blue Savoy ® Quintessential Luxury

Blue Savoy ® is a particularly bright, homogeneous, crystalline marble characterized by delicate shades of color ranging from blue-gray to dark gray, with a high resistance to frost and weathering. It has been extracted for over 180 years from the only existing quarry at Aime (Savoie) in the French Alps, and is renowned for its excellent workability and easy maintenance, making it the ideal material for both exterior and interior applications. This extraordinary stone, unique in its kind, is surprisingly versatile and offers a wide range of applications with specific types of finishes, both in building and renovation work, from paving pool floors, indoor flooring, outdoor paving and wall cladding, to kitchen countertops, vanity tops and other items such as solid marble wash basins and bathtubs. The incomparable natural, aesthetic features of Blue Savoy ® have attracted Architects and Interior Designers from all over the world. They have made it their material of choice above other natural stones, considering its adaptability to all architectural styles, from classic to the most contemporary, to be beyond compare and the essential, refined elegance it gives living spaces rendering them exclusive and timeless, to be the quintessence of luxury.

Blue Savoy®

Blue Savoy®


Blue Savoy Medium®

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